London Olympic Stadium – Unique Design

London Olympic Stadium Construction – Architectural Marvel

With the London 2012 Olympics promising to be one of the most spectacular events ever, the organizers are planning to build a Olympic stadium which would be one of the most unique, modern and large stadiums in the world.  In fact, the Olympic stadium promises to be one of the major attractions of the London 2012 Olympics.  The stadium is proposed to be built at the Lower Lea Valley in Stratford.  The location chosen at Stratford is Marshgate Lane.

london olympic stadium designYou would be amazed to note that the capacity of the Olympic Stadium would be a massive eighty thousand.  This would also make it the third largest and one of the most modern in Britain.  As already known, the Wembley stadium is the largest in Britain.  What is most unique about the Olympics Stadium design is that the huge capacity of eighty thousand can be greatly and easily reduced to twenty five thousand after the Olympic Games are over.  This is definitely an architectural marvel.

Although, the Olympic Stadium is made up of layers, many of them are temporary.  The method of constructing the Olympic Stadium has been formulated intelligently based on the principle of cut and fill.  Under this approach, the land is dug deep till it assumes the shape of a bowl, which would be easily able to accommodate twenty five thousand permanent seats.  In other words, this bowl structure forms the permanent part of the Olympic Stadium.  The architects have also planned to build a temporary structure above the permanent structure which would accommodate a good fifty five thousand individuals.

You should also note that the track and field part of the Olympic Stadium is being laid around the permanent structure.  This has been done mainly by excavating the soft clay from the earth.  The whole job is being done by using rakers made of concrete.  The ground over there has got a natural slope and the architects have taken full advantage of this aspect to incorporate this in to the Olympic Stadium design.  The changing rooms and warm-up areas are also being planned to be built in the basement region.  The upper temporary structure is made of lightweight steel and concrete which is demountable, in order to accommodate fifty five thousand spectators.  This work is going on at a brisk pace.

It has been decided that the temporary structure of the Olympic Stadium would be made using fabric which is lightweight.  The entire roof of the Olympic Stadium is going to be made out of fabric and would be based on the principles of engineering, governing a bicycle wheel.  The roof, although made from fabric would be strong enough to hold all the lights installed for the various sporting events and ceremonies.

The Olympic stadium is being built using state of the art technology since it is going to play host to millions of fans watching the sports events on their television, thousands of spectators who would be attending the games, the press from the world over, the various heads of states and some of the world’s greatest sportsmen.  The key feature of this wonderful modern stadium is that once the Olympic Games are over, this stadium can be used for local and domestic purpose.  This is one of the main objectives behind the unique spectacular design of the Olympic Stadium.

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