Volunteers for 2012 Olympics face restrictions on Social Media Use

Restrictions on use of Social Media for London Olympics Volunteers

The Game Makers of 2012 Olympic Games now sacrifice the freedom to be active on social media to make the Games possible. For many of us, it is practically instinctive to snap an image of something fascinating or significant and quickly share it with our friends on Twitter or Facebook using our Smartphones.  The 2012 London Olympics volunteers however, might choose to reconsider their social networking while at the games.  As stated by Reuters, volunteers have been warned regarding use of social media to share whereabouts or news of celebrities, athletes, and politicians attending the event.

No Facebook or Twitter for 2012 Olympics Volunteers

The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) has advised the volunteers of Olympic Games against the use of Facebook and Twitter.  The volunteers are not allowed to post about their location, role or any information regarding the VIPs online.  They are however permitted to retweet or pass on the official London 2012 postings.

The volunteers are also not allowed to make any public statement regarding the 2012 Olympic Games without prior permission from LOCOG’s Communication Team.  These restrictions have been laid due to security and reputation reasons.

They are not allowed to reveal any breaking news pertaining to any athlete.  The Game Makers are not allowed to post any videos or images of the LOCOG backstage which is not open to the public.

Olympians will be active on Social Media

Quite to the contrary, the athletes and participants have been encouraged to make 2012 Olympics the Twitter Games.  They have been encouraged to use all kind of social media to interact with people about the Olympic Games.  This is to give the supporters a clear picture about the working and events of 2012 London Olympics.  Even the International Olympic Committee is coaxing the athletes to be active on social media.

The restrictions on use of Social Media on athletes and players are nothing new.  The social media sites like Twitter have earlier witnessed many controversies.  During 2010 Football World Cup, the players were banned from using Twitter.  In 2011 Rugby World Cup, even New Zealand banned its players from using Twitter.  As they can land up into controversies, restrictions on use of social media for players sounded acceptable.

There are however contradicting views on such restricted social media policy for Olympics 2012. The LOCOG has recruited and trained over 70,000 volunteers who are rightly called the Game Makers.  Most of these Game Makers have volunteered to make this game possible in their leisure time driven by passion and unpaid.  Such restrictions laid on them have definitely received mixed responses.  The rules and restrictions have been laid due to security reasons but again this questions how inclusive are the 2012 London Olympics. LOCOG may want to keep any off the scene scandal away from the public.

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